Long Distance Healing

Long distance healing is something I always have to pause and think about when asked to explain it. Most people who are new to energy healing can grasp the concept of energy within their body being affected by the energy within mine when we are in close contact with one another. Healing from a distance, however, means taking a huge leap from what is commonly accepted as possible. Even those who have experienced it do not always understand how or why it worked. For some, it does not matter as long as they got better and there are healers out there who prefer to simply demonstrate its effectiveness. But for many, especially those who are new to it, an explanation is needed.

To put it simply, energy follows thought and intention. When I heal from a distance, I am focusing all the energy that I would normally channel through my hands into the sick or injured area of the person I am working on. Sometimes people feel my energy at the exact time I am healing them, for example they may feel an unexplained warmth or tingling sensation in the area. Sometimes they are unaware of the energy but start to feel better all the same.

For those who are interested in more detail what I do is enter a meditative state and open myself up to receiving. I sense energy from many people all around me and I seek out the person I need to heal. Once I connect with them I am drawn to the area in need of healing, and the kind of healing I do then depends upon the problem. For example, for a pulled muscle I send heat and restore the muscle to its original state. For a burn, I pull heat out of the skin and reduce the redness. For colds, I work to clear the sinuses and sooth the throat, and so on. I sense when the healing is done and then take a few important moments to ground myself.

Long distance healing (and energy healing in general) is based upon principles not all of which are universally understood or accepted. However it is not necessary to understand exactly how it works. To receive a healing, all you need is a genuine desire to be healed. How simple is that?

One thought on “Long Distance Healing

  1. Lourdes

    Dear Bron! I love what you are up to now… Thank you for all what you are willing to learn and practice for the benfit of many people…

    I will be following you in everything you are doing… I am also willing to experience the efects of “long distance” healing…


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