A Natural Gift for Everyone

A couple of days ago my son had a small accident while playing soccer. He was kicked on the top of his foot, and was in quite some pain with it. The following morning it was swollen and he could not put any weight on it at all. I kept him off school and worked on his foot throughout the day, and by the evening the swelling was gone and he was walking normally. He went back to school the next day.

Last year my daughter woke with an upset stomach and informed me she was not well enough to go to school. Since she loves school and never wants to miss it, I knew she really was quite sick. She curled up on the sofa and refused to move due to the pain she was feeling. I spent ten minutes working on her, after which she sat up, said she felt better, and started getting ready for school.

Earlier this year I had a minor car accident. No one was seriously hurt, although I was left with whiplash that appeared the following day at work. I could not move my head and simply sitting at my desk was both problematic and painful. That evening I did some self healing, and what normally would take several weeks to disappear, disappeared overnight. My colleagues were astonished at the difference when I went to work the following day.

Can you imagine how many days of school and work would not be missed if people knew how to heal themselves and their families? Healing is such a natural thing, there is no need for special clinics or equipment, just your own two hands. Anyone can do this, and it amazes me just how many people are still not open to learning how.

I would like to see a world where everyone can heal and it is accepted as normal ability that it is.

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