What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?

Last week I was invited to talk on TV about energy healing and since I was not able to explain in depth everything I wanted to say during the time I had, I would like to expand on some of the questions here. (Click here to watch the interview on YouTube)

The first question that comes to mind is what do I feel when I am healing? There are two ways I can respond to this: firstly, there is what do I feel inside and secondly, what do I feel from the person I am healing.

When I prepare to heal someone, I switch my awareness from everything around me to the inner calm inside me. My breathing slows and deepens and I become conscious of the energy flowing inside me. As I place my hands upon the affected area and close my eyes I become less aware of my physical body and more aware of energy running through my body and out of my hands. It feels like a surge of soft electric current. This continues as long as I am healing.

My hands pick up the energy from the person I am working on. I feel different things at different times on different people, but a common response is a slow build up as their body reacts to the energy from my hands. To the person I am working on this is usually felt as heat, but I sense energy by its density and not by its temperature so what I feel is a heaviness under their skin. I can sense how deep it goes and how wide it stretches. As their body gets used to this, the flow of energy changes and I often feel it spreading to other areas, for example if I am working on the lower back it may spread right up to the shoulders, or down one leg. They often feel this as a tingling sensation. At the most intense part of the session the energy starts to flow in a rhythmic pattern, pulsing from one hand to the other and back again through the person’s body. Gradually this dies down and becomes the heavy feeling I felt at the beginning. When that starts to fade, I know the healing is done.

Of course, every healer is different and not all will feel the same things I do. But hopefully this gives some insight as to what goes on during a session where I am basically still for twenty minutes!

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